Thursday, April 17, 2008

My concern on Conscription law

“Conscription Subdegree Draft Has to Be Released Publicly”

The Ministry of National Defense publicly has to released the military conscription subdegree draft before finalization in order to hear suggestions and some comments. I feel concerning on the law draft:

1) I strongly argue that the law must be volunteer because some of young people are getting involved in development of their study and working to find income to support their family.

2) I think it might be unfair between the high ranking and the rich children, and the poor children:
- Corruption might happen that the high ranking and the rich families will increase the age of their children over the age of the law such as birth certificate, family book, ID card, diploma, education documents, passport and so on to be proved. According to recently Transparency International survey said that Cambodia most corrupt Asian nation; so, these families can do easily.
- Looking back in 1980s, almost the peasant and the poor kids involved in army, A3 combating police and K5 (Kor Pram) in the battlefield. Whereas the most of the high ranking and the rich kids studied abroad or local high education, and running a good business with their parents. Based on this experience, the high ranking and the rich families might send their children to study abroad at least Vietnam or Laos to escape the obligation and when their children will age over the duty they will take them back home. Or they will be able to do fake marry to abroad and will come back when those children will get over age of the law.

3) Another worry is that the government might mainstream ideology to be pro-CPP (Cambodian's People Party) or use those military trainees to crack down democracy youths when they protest or demonstrate against the government.


andreas said...

Hi there,

do you have more information on the details of the conscription law? Is this still the law that has been passed in 2006, or is this a new one?

I am working for an international NGO, and we try to keep track on information on conscription and conscientious objection to military service.

Please contact me by email at concodoc (at)

Thanks a lot.
Andreas Speck

Soprach Tong said...

This is the one have not yet passed,of course we started descussing it since 2006. Now at Ministry of National Defance. I did read a few article of its draft... that's why we need it before passing...