Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adultery Law is not urgent bill

I think it is clear that this case serves as the political motivation which the court charges the prince Ranarith early 2007. That is a berried of opposition parties that the government always makes busy and prevents them from politics by using media, court and threatening. That why the law was passed so quick by National Assembly and the government enforces as well at the moment, why it is too slow to approve the Anti-corruption law and Immigration law that Cambodian people waiting to fights poverty? Is it too difficult to discuss and pass the two laws?

Experience of China, one of overpopulated countries, was fiercely debated on selected or unselected sex children in the International Population Conference in France 2005 where they took it into account on sex ratio of Chinese population that numbers of males are very higher then females by traditional belief that men are received a heritage and men are valued. Hence, the sexuality problem have happened today between young men and old men who have not yet married that they feel aggressive each others due to big gap of sex proportion between males and females; So that, they advocate Chinese policy makers to reform that issue.

Whereas Cambodia, there is not too different from Chinese problem - the difference is just males to females - that adultery law was passed due to political motivation and jealousy. According to the Cambodia Inter-censal Population Survey 2004, sex ratio is estimated the overall sex ratio of 93.5 numbers of males per 100 females and this is based on the total number of population of 12.824 million, 6.197 million are males and 6.627 million are females. A large number of approximately half million of women would become single because of the pressure from the Khmer socio-culture about sex, limiting women's rights to sexual expression and further more the adultery law. Consequently, they would definitely miss an opportunity to get involved in sexuality a whole their life and they would upset and loose their natural sexuality rights as human being, how do they feel? Who help them? It’s so pitied to them due to the adultery law enforcement. So, in order to address this issue the national assembly and government should turn to pass the two laws and to reform her demography better then the enforcement of this unnecessary law.

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