Saturday, April 12, 2008

3rd Round Vespa Rally to Koh Dach on Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ingrid's Vespa was leaked gasoline container before the rally depature. The mecanic Sambath fixed it on time.
Peter sit behind Ingrid and took photos of the rally.

We were on Sothearos blvd. A young man, Sambath, in the midle is a mecanic and Vespa shop-owner near Lyhuor exchange and a old man on the left hand is a mecanic and Vespa shop-owner on Monivong blvd. Note: There are only two Vespa shops in Cambodia.

We were on Soramarith blvd.

We were on Norodom blvd.

We were on Monivong blvd.

We took a 1st ferry at Preak Leap.

1st stop in Wat Kropompich. Vespa mecanic checked Luc scooter.

We visisted at Silk production in the village.

1st stop in Wat Kropompich.

We arrived the 3rd stop at the sand of Mekong river.

We had lunch togather on the sand of the beach of Koh Dach.

We archieved our goal to Koh Dach.

Briefing 3rd Round Vespa Rally: to celebrate the International Women’s Day, Saturday March 8, 2008.

1) 10:00 am: Gathering in the front of the Post office as the previous. (7 Vespas in the town)
2) 10:30 am: Departure around the town of Phnom Penh by getting along Sisovath quay, Sihanouk Blvd, 3 rounds of Monument Independent, Norodom Blvd toward round-about Kbal Thnol, Monivong Blvd, crossing Japanese bridge, National Road No 6A, crossing 1st one of four ferries at Preak Leap to Koh Dach (Silk Island), take one round of the island, relaxed and had lunch there.
3) 2:00 pm: Return back the town though 2nd one (Ktor) of four ferries crossing from Koh Dach to Phnom Penh. (4 Vespas to Koh Dach)


- The Vespa rally should be on Sunday because there are many parties on Friday night; so that it affects the really on Saturday.
- Beside annual Vespa rally, Bi-monthly the rally should be organized to travel outside the town and to meet friends first Sunday of every 2 months.


malena said...

Nice to finally see something from the vespa rally i missed! O dear, can't people wait and party until Saturday for once????? Well that's a Phnom Penh life surely!

Nice photos again Soprach! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Soprach!! Very interesting rally!! As I ever said before I need to buy a vespa to join the fun next time.

Cheers, Kim Heang

Soprach Tong said...

Hi Malena, Nice to hear from you. Yes, of course that was the big party one of first Friday of the month at Elsewhere where was as well, but I went home quickly...

Soprach Tong said...

Hi Bong Heang, yes, you did tell me you want to be cool like that. No problem you buy one and have fun bimonthly schedule to contryside...