Thursday, April 17, 2008

Honorary Doctorate as Academic Doctorate?

“Do Honorary Doctorate Call as Academic Doctorate Officially?”

Recently, there have been honorary doctorates were provided to high ranking and dignitary though the universities which were held during the ceremony of student graduation. These officials who received the honorary doctorates are called formally as academic doctorate during any ceremonies or on banners. The calling makes many people misunderstanding the graduated academic doctorates and the speakers fraud people.
For my understanding, the two doctorates are completely different. The academic doctorate candidates study very hard to exploratory with new hypothesis to complete their thesis at least 3-5 years after master degree; on the contrast, honorary doctorate person does nothing, they just received honorary from the university. So, government should not value and call the honorary doctorate as academic doctorate officially.


Anonymous said...

I think let the society judge these doctor degree. First we look at a reputation of the university that issue the doctorate degree.

If the university issue the degree easily, without proper evaluation sooner or later the reputation of the university will degrade. So student must consider carefully when choosing school to study. Unfortunately there is no reputable university in Cambodia that is good enough for international standard. But every one keep on advertising about the international qualification.

In other countries honorary doctorate also being issue by university, but before issuing any degree the university take a carefully evaluation.

During my graduation in CSU, NSW, AUS the university also give honorary doctorate to DR. Roger Campbel, the director of WoolWorth the giant of retailing industry in Australia. When I discuss his name with an Australian, he said Roger Campbel is beyond studying his leadership and every thing is more than enough to call a doctor. Plus he already hold an academic doctor degree.

The evaluation is based on his contribution to the Australian Economy.

What about Cambodia? The honorary is because of some one is good in Land grabbing??

Anonymous said...

Probably...Your are right...

Anonymous said...

You are right. That is for uneducated people who want to make the public misunderstand.B