Wednesday, November 19, 2008

“Cambodia Still Walks Behind Asean Nations”

Regarding the article on the Cambodia Daily on “2009 Budget Stresses Security And Education” on Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008, page 1. I really concern on the 2009 national budget draft will spend so high on Defense Ministry and reservation for national defense and internal security, whereas other several development ministries will receive very small grants.

I think that we could not increase great mount for defense and internal security due to the border dispute near Preah Vihear temple since 15 July which spend a lots of budget on that conflict. It is look like a chronic disease if the government still keeps negotiate again and again by bipartisan, and pay a lots of money on each meeting. By the ways, government should decide to complain to the international court to finalize it rather than useless spending on this field. I feel disappointed to see very small grants spending on development fields that the nation is going on well to fight on poverty and to improve the democracy.

On the other hand, I do agree with CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap’s speech in the same article that we have more senior military officers than solders. As we can see the RCAF plate cars and motorbikes with powerful in the street and parking everywhere in the town such as ceremony, party, supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop, make-up shop and so on. However, I opposite his opinion that they want young soldiers with appropriate weapons to protect territory by implement conscription law. As the government has enough soldiers to confront the war, why do the politicians still keep in their minds to use young soldiers? And then useless them? We are youths should not involve in army, based on very bad experience in the past wars in the Republic Kampuchea (Lon Nol Regime) and Democratic Kampuchea (Pol Pot regime) that a lots of children and young men were mobilized and forced to be solders, and the current government is promoting its policy of education for all to develop the country. Obviously, our parents spend huge money and years to support us go to school for our better life, why do we need to be a soldier?

At the moment, we should not be cheated by politicians any more. So, conscription law must not be implemented without revising not all young men to serve, just volunteer. If the government follows these issues, our country is still walking behind the Asean nations.

Monday, November 17, 2008

“Football Referees Have To Judge Fairly On Pitch”

“When weekend comes!” I wish and I always go to the Olympic stadium to watch Cambodian premier league. Last Sunday I was an eyes witness again seeing a second match between Preah Khan Reach (National Military Police) team versus Khemara team. As a result PKR defeated Khemara 1 against 0 while the match seemed a bit brutal and the referee of the match seemed more likely to incline toward PKR; meanwhile, many of spectators shouted out: “It is not fair! Crazy referee!”. That is why at the end of the game after sunset, a Khemara goal keeper attempted to fight the field referee who was running away in the pitch, but his teammates and coaches were able to intervene and control the dispute. However spectators did not want to see any violence on the football pitch and I think that it is good an example for teammates and coaches to show their wills to stop violence for their audiences. While, I can compared to last year the same Sunday of second week and the month (November), there was a big fighting scandal on the pitch that BBU (Build Bright University) players were beaten by RCAF players who caused and by their coaches’ urging as well.

On the other hand, I find that the two main problems for some football referees, political trend and technical weakness.

1) Political trend: In recently years, some referees were more likely to lean to Khemara team who has been sponsored by the Prince Norodom Ranariddh who was an ex-NA president and an ex-president of National Olympic Committee. At the moment, some referees’ trend seems to turn to PKR team who is under supervision of HE Sao Sokha, National Military Police Commander and Cambodian Football Federation president, even though this is not under pressure from them.

2) Technical weakness: some referees are limitation of their capacity to judge in the pitch, as an experience last Sunday this match, after an each small infringement in the match, the referee did not tell the player’s mistake and with his gesture to let them recognize their fault for not doing like that again.

I know that it is very hard for you (referees) to judge fairly, but you should have feel confident yourself on pitch to be professional as judge in the court that it is time to use your power in the game to keep your reputation. I think these two points play a role essential support your ideas to reduce the brutal activities and battle in the pitch. Hence, Cambodian Football Federation strengthens its body by give these feedbacks to referees to be fair, its security and CFF also punishes seriously to anyone who uses violence on the pitch.

NOTE: This opinion was summaried and posted in the Letter to Editor of the Phnom Penh Post, page 6, Nov. 18, 2008. It is the same title: Football Referees Have To Judge Fairly On the Pitch.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

“What’s the difference of the slogan: ‘CHANGE WE NEED!’ in US & ‘IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!’ in Cambodia?”

Regarding to the article of The Phnom Penh Post on “Time For Change” on Thursday 6 November 2008; page 1 that Democrats in Cambodia hail Barack Obama’s historic triumph in the US presidential election as the dawn of a new era.

I think that it was a great shout for Obama and his Democrats supporters to said a slogan: “Time For Change!” during the presidential campaign and the result made the crowd supporters very satisfied with crying and tearful that they can express their rights as fully democracy for Obama’s wining. Well, it is a real example to alert to the supporters who dream to change their administration by free and fair election and the Republicans also accepted the result with McCain’s speech.

However, the Democrats success with an excellent slogan: “Change We Need!” is very different to the election result in Cambodia where the SRP opposition party leader and his supporters also shouted: “It’s Time For Change!” during the July national election campaign. Unfortunately, the result made the SRP supporters disappointed and complained due to thousands of their name were not appeared in the election list in the polls station, some of them were cheated by the 1018 forms, some were threatened by swearing, giving money and so on. Those people and other SRP opposition supporters decried and upset the result by saying that it was not transparent, free and fair election that they could not express their rights to choose the party that they are strongly support. And SRP leader used to say that it was unacceptable for the result.

In my opinion, the two slogans were used during the election campaign in the two countries at the same time; they [slogans] seem the same meaning, excellent and polite words to use for election campaign. Meanwhile, the two slogans are good lesson learnt for both countries to improve democracy in the world even though it is a different result at this time. That’s why, I wish you [SRP supporters] to keep going your slogan: “It’s Time For Change!” for next elections and may your dream become true very soon like US experience, and hopefully NEC will improve its organization.

NOTE: This opinion was summarized and posted in Letter to the Editor of the Phnom Penh Post, page 6, Nov.11, 2008 with the title: Cambodian Elections Unlike The United States's.

“AIDS-Patient Perpetrator Must Be More Punished By Raping Minor”

I am regarding to the article on the Cambodia Daily: “AIDS Patient Accused of Paying Minor for Sex” on Monday, Nov. 10, 2008, p. 31. A 37-years-old man suffering from AIDS was arrested in Takeo province Thursday for allegedly having sex multiple times with a 14-year-old girl, has been charged with rape and violating the NAA law and he could receive between 10 to 15 years in prison if convicted.

I feel aggressive and sad to hear this news that perpetrator is AIDS patient and the young girl victim is juvenile. I think the minor victim layer has to clarify whether her age is under 14 or 14 years old. According to Article 5, Rape Law on the Aggravating Circumstances for Felonies says that “for under-aged 14 juveniles whether sex is consensual or non-consensual, to have sex, that is rape and the rapist is sentenced from 15 to 20 years old.” In addition, the AIDS patient perpetrator must be charge 10 to 15 years more by article 18 and 50 of the AIDS prevention law which say: “Prohibit someone who knows that he/herself carried HIV/AIDS and transmitted to someone by willing. This person is charged in jail from 10 to 15 years”

In my point of view, the punishing increase is also to warn the rumor of AIDS rich-patients who pay for several virgin young girls for sex without using condoms due to they believe that they might be recovered from AIDS disease if he can release his HIV and AIDS to several virgin girls by have sex.

According to the information from the court, why rape-victims always aged 14 but not under 14? Why don’t the court trial 2 times or charge and add the 2 laws at the same time? This is to show an example for AIDS patients or public awareness. Of course, we compared to punish to Heng Pov, ex-municipal police chief, 6 sentence times until upto 58 years in prison for convictions including intentional killing, illegal detention and possession of counterfeit currency [The Cambodia Daily article: “The Court Sets Date for Heng Pov’s Trial Over Alleged Conspiracy, Nov. 12, 2008] and why don’t the court charge AIDS-patient perpetrator with increasing punishment like Heng Pov? The court must be transparent to all victims, and not just political pressure.

While, I can share you an experience when I was in London in 2006 Summer time that BBC news broadcasted an AIDS-patient woman was sentenced into jail in UK due to transmit HIV virus to 2 men by sexual intercourse. How about the AIDS prevention law enforcement in Cambodia?

So, the AIDS-Patient perpetrator must be more punished by raping minor and compensated by 2 cases of rape and AIDS laws. It is not to late for the court to strengthen its body and I would also like to call for HIV/AIDS programmers and counselors to pay more attention into this issue by raising awareness of sexual violence, rape and AIDS prevention law among AIDS patients due to it is a serious tragedy in society, not only make the victim painful, loose face and future, but also kill anyone if she/he is infected by HIV.