Wednesday, November 12, 2008

“What’s the difference of the slogan: ‘CHANGE WE NEED!’ in US & ‘IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!’ in Cambodia?”

Regarding to the article of The Phnom Penh Post on “Time For Change” on Thursday 6 November 2008; page 1 that Democrats in Cambodia hail Barack Obama’s historic triumph in the US presidential election as the dawn of a new era.

I think that it was a great shout for Obama and his Democrats supporters to said a slogan: “Time For Change!” during the presidential campaign and the result made the crowd supporters very satisfied with crying and tearful that they can express their rights as fully democracy for Obama’s wining. Well, it is a real example to alert to the supporters who dream to change their administration by free and fair election and the Republicans also accepted the result with McCain’s speech.

However, the Democrats success with an excellent slogan: “Change We Need!” is very different to the election result in Cambodia where the SRP opposition party leader and his supporters also shouted: “It’s Time For Change!” during the July national election campaign. Unfortunately, the result made the SRP supporters disappointed and complained due to thousands of their name were not appeared in the election list in the polls station, some of them were cheated by the 1018 forms, some were threatened by swearing, giving money and so on. Those people and other SRP opposition supporters decried and upset the result by saying that it was not transparent, free and fair election that they could not express their rights to choose the party that they are strongly support. And SRP leader used to say that it was unacceptable for the result.

In my opinion, the two slogans were used during the election campaign in the two countries at the same time; they [slogans] seem the same meaning, excellent and polite words to use for election campaign. Meanwhile, the two slogans are good lesson learnt for both countries to improve democracy in the world even though it is a different result at this time. That’s why, I wish you [SRP supporters] to keep going your slogan: “It’s Time For Change!” for next elections and may your dream become true very soon like US experience, and hopefully NEC will improve its organization.

NOTE: This opinion was summarized and posted in Letter to the Editor of the Phnom Penh Post, page 6, Nov.11, 2008 with the title: Cambodian Elections Unlike The United States's.

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