Wednesday, November 19, 2008

“Cambodia Still Walks Behind Asean Nations”

Regarding the article on the Cambodia Daily on “2009 Budget Stresses Security And Education” on Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008, page 1. I really concern on the 2009 national budget draft will spend so high on Defense Ministry and reservation for national defense and internal security, whereas other several development ministries will receive very small grants.

I think that we could not increase great mount for defense and internal security due to the border dispute near Preah Vihear temple since 15 July which spend a lots of budget on that conflict. It is look like a chronic disease if the government still keeps negotiate again and again by bipartisan, and pay a lots of money on each meeting. By the ways, government should decide to complain to the international court to finalize it rather than useless spending on this field. I feel disappointed to see very small grants spending on development fields that the nation is going on well to fight on poverty and to improve the democracy.

On the other hand, I do agree with CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap’s speech in the same article that we have more senior military officers than solders. As we can see the RCAF plate cars and motorbikes with powerful in the street and parking everywhere in the town such as ceremony, party, supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop, make-up shop and so on. However, I opposite his opinion that they want young soldiers with appropriate weapons to protect territory by implement conscription law. As the government has enough soldiers to confront the war, why do the politicians still keep in their minds to use young soldiers? And then useless them? We are youths should not involve in army, based on very bad experience in the past wars in the Republic Kampuchea (Lon Nol Regime) and Democratic Kampuchea (Pol Pot regime) that a lots of children and young men were mobilized and forced to be solders, and the current government is promoting its policy of education for all to develop the country. Obviously, our parents spend huge money and years to support us go to school for our better life, why do we need to be a soldier?

At the moment, we should not be cheated by politicians any more. So, conscription law must not be implemented without revising not all young men to serve, just volunteer. If the government follows these issues, our country is still walking behind the Asean nations.

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