Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ads: Vespa Rally To Tonle Bati Lake and Ta Prohm Temple on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2008

Vespa Rally ads in the calenda of the Cambodia Daily, Friday, Oct. 31, 2008




To celebrate upcoming

Independence Day and Water Festival

Meet outside the Post Office: St. 13 near Wat Phnom at 9:30AM for a 10:00AM departure!!!

Don’t forget your helmet!

For more information:


012 779 082


012 208 346

The Previous Vespa Rally article of The Advisor Magazine.

Vespa Rally in the town

We drove 3 rounds around the Wat Phnom.

Gathering out side of the Post Office. Organized by my friend Jake.

“From A Big Head And Small Body To Skinny, Will It Get Disease Soon?”

Referring to the article on the Cambodia Daily on “Gov’t Seeks Big Increase in Defense Spending” on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008, p. 25. The government is seeking to increase in 2009 more then two third lager than last years’s budget $300 millions for Defense Ministry.

I am so concerned for social-welfare which will get worse soon. As early this month government approved the increase in a large number of government cabinet that spends a lots of national budget for them. At the moment, government has proposed to the national assembly to approve the budget increment for Ministry of Defense. On the other hand, how much the government would pay more for a dozen of government’s advisors including new appointed advisors? As well as the NA’s and the Senate’s advisors? Whereas Social Affairs, Education and Health Ministries always expended lower then the national budget projection and civil servants' salary is still very low, how will the government achieve its Cambodian Millennium Development Goals in 2015? Will the government increase the amount of budget proposal to submit to the donors for more budgets too to address these issues?

“The Finding’s ACC Universities Accredited Is Questionable”

I am so surprise to see an article of the Cambodia Daily on the result of the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia:“40 more Cambodian universities accredited” on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008, p. 27.

I think that is good start to evaluate the quality of local education by internal evaluation of a government institution. The finding showed that 40 more were accredited in 2007-08 to add more 33 universities in 2006-07. The total amount of universities is so high and unbelievable if compared to the 2005 MoEYS which estimated that only one in nine university graduates find employment (Mysliwiec: 2005, p.19). The question is which indicators to measure the impact of this evaluation?

I would recommend to the Education Ministry to find an external independent evaluation institution to make sure the information is accurate and reliable.

“Taking A Sword To Cut Water, But The Water Is Still Flowing!”

A dispute between two young sons of late CPP senator over 10 hectares of family land erupts in gunfire in Sihanouk Ville with the rest of two wounded men and a shot-up Toyota Land Cruiser was being kept, but one party has returned freely to Phnom Penh. Regarding the article on the Cambodia Daily on Dispute Over Family Land Erupts Into Gunfight” on Monday, Oct. 27, 2008, p. 29.

This conflict has been happened during the world have been warring about global food crisis and the increasing of goods price. This sibling conflict has not occurred at first time, but there are many cases of wealth heritage disputes after growing of materialism of such as land, house, car…etc. At the same time, whereas solders standing off in confrontation with Thai border are lacking of foods to eat and living with difficult situation under the sun and the rain.

Even though, this conflict was happened in the family and one party left freely, but this scene showed the weakness of social structure and of law enforcement and security instability in society by anarchic gun users. As the government has always warned if any territory governor can not address young gang sons of the rich and high ranking, the government will removed out their positions or the position of those gangster parents. Obviously, we have not yet seen any seriously actions against them. On the other hand, almost of government warnings has been believed that its effectiveness is just a few months only.

However, we still have an optimist that the government will reconsider and control well on any anarchic gun user.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Congratulation to Cambodian National Football Team qualifies for AFF Suzuki Cup in Dec 2008

First day, Oct. 17, 2008, Cambodia Vs Laos

Everyone respects both national anthems before playing

Cambodian national football team "Come on Red Lion!"

Laos national team

Red Lion had a small meeting before kicking off

Freekick for Cambodian team

My friend kiwi Todd is very strong support Cambodian Team with Cambodian flag.

Todd ( Liverpool fan) and Soprach (Arsenal fan) were very happy after Cambodia defeated Laos aganst 3-2. The two fans (Liverpool and Arsenal) always tease each other about our team supports.

10 mn before finishing the game was still 3-2.

Second day, Oct. 19, Timor Leste Vs Cambodia

Everyone respects both national anthems before kicking off

Taking the photos of the two teams. Timor Leste 2-2 Cambodia

Timor Leste Team

Third day, Oct. 23, Cambodia Vs Philippines

Respecting the two national anthems.

Phippines team

Cambodian team respected our national anthem.

Red Lion team show their confidences.

Cambodia missed this match by 2-3 score aganst Philippines.

Four Day, Oct. 25, Brunei Vs Cambodia (second uniform is blue)

Respecting Brunei national anthem

Brunei Team. After the match Cambodia defeated Brunei 2-1.

Congratulation to Cambodian National Team qualified for AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 by defeating Brunei 2 - 1


1) Laos 9pts
2) Cambodia 7pts, goal balance + 1, with 9 goals for

3) Philippines 7pts, goal balance +1, with 6 goals for
4) Brunei 4pts
5) Timor Leste 1pt.

AFF Suzuki Cup 2008 will be held in Thailand and Indonesia in December.

Group A (Thailand)

- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Vietnam
- Laos

Group B (Indonesia)

- Indonesia
- Singapore
- Burma
- Cambodia

Hopefully, Cambodian National Team "Come on Red Lion!" will go to Semi-final.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Opinions Posted in The Cambodia Daily & The Phnom Penh Post

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- "Robbing the Crash Victims" posted in The Phnom Penh Post, Dec. 28, 2007

- "Violence Has No Place In Cambodian Football" posted in The Cambodia Daily, Nov. 21, 2007

- "Thomico's Call is Questionable" posted in The Cambodia Daily, Sep 25, 2007

- "Educators Should Stop Making Excuses" posted in The Cambodia Daily, Sep 13, 2007

- "Ranariddh Case Is Politically Motivated" posted in The Cambodia Daily, March, 26, 2007

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cool Photos of my MPH Graduation Day on October 16, 2008



Name : TONG Soprach

Date of Birth : 6 January 1976

Place of Birth: Kampong Thom

Sex : Male

Nationality : Cambodian

Marital Status : Single “Precious Kid”

Present Residence : Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Father : Chou Tong, ex-military administrator,

Passed away in 1977 by Khmer Rouge regime

Mother : Siv Khim, widow and retied in August 2008 (before Democratic

Kampuchea regime, ex-rural development official in Kg Cham and after DK regime, ex-primary school teacher in Phnom Penh). Khim told me: “I decided to move to live in Phnom Penh because of you, I wanted you to study high degree, I didn’t trust anyone who takes care of you well, I didn’t know where live in the town and I had bad experience when I came to Phnom Penh for my passing of final BAC. II exam at Sann Thor Mok high school, I always got lost and came late.” However, she never told me directly an invisible important point: “I did not marry because of you!” Soprach said to her: “did not worry mom!” At the moment, Khim needs a grand-kid to play with her. Soprach told her that it is a very hard job, but I don’t argue her: “I have not yet married because of you!” I would say: “I’m sorry mom I can try my best for you and hopefully you would be satisfied; after raining the sky will open very soon.”


The United Cambodian Charity, Center for Population Study/UNFPA (Volunteer), The Population Research Center of University of Chicago, Prorcheasas Research Team, GAD/C, CARE. Consultancy for SHARE, UNICEF (2), FHI, ADB, NGO Forum, CRS, GFATM (Contracted for mid-Nov. 2008- Jan. 2009).


July 1992: Bac. II, Bak Touk High School, Phnom Penh

Sep. 1992 – Sep. 93: Pre-university at Royal University of Phnom Penh

Sep. 1993 – Aug. 97: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, RUPP

Nov. 1997 – Mar. 98: Diploma in Demography, RUPP/UNFPA

Feb. – Sep. 1998: Diploma of Being a Teacher of Upper Secondary School,

Faculty of Pedagogy, Phnom Penh.

Feb. 2005- Feb. 08: Master Degree in Public Health, University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

Researach Paper: Impact of Premarital Sex in Cambodia

Aug. 2007-Oct. 08: Interested in MPH program courses: Bio-statistics, Applied Epidemiology & Bio-statistic, Epi DATA, Epi Info, SPSS and M&E. International University, Phnom Penh

Travel, mountain, forest, art gallery, football, music, dance and party.

HOBBY: Vespa Rally


National: Cambodian National Team and Phnom Penh Empire Club

“Come on Red Lion!”

International: French National Team “Allez les Bleu!”

Arsenal FC “Everything For Arsenal!”, London Club


National: All 24 provinces and cities included tracking in complex

temple sites and forests.

Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore & India.

Europe: France (2), Spain, Italy, England, Scotland, Germany (to see world cup 2006 atmosphere in 3rd place in Stuttgart and final in Berlin), Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland (Aland Island)

America: Mexico

(My photo was in studio of a photo shop)

The Cool Photos of my MPH Graduation Day on October 16, 2008

This was my second time wearing the official graduation uniform in the Graduation Ceremony on October 16, 2008 at 2:00pm at the University of Cambodia under the presidency of HE Im Sethy, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. In fact, I did graduate my Master Degree in Public Health since February 2008 where I had to wait for official graduation until that day. For this degree, I spent three years every weekend to be successful including my failure and dropping.

Before registration in Feb. 2005, I wanted to study Social Work subject which fitted to my work at CARE; unfortunately, the UC did not offer this program. However, I was received good recommendations from my friends Dr Karen
Heckert and Ms Michelle Sussan with the reasons: “Of course that was good Social Work program, if the school did not offer this course, you should choose Public Health program, even though your background Bachelor of Science in Chemistry was a bit far from this course; But you learned Demography and research, and work experience in program and research including gender, sexual and reproductive health…I think you can try it.”

During the education, I always talked friendly to my referees Ms Heng Neang, Ms Fleur Smith, Mr Luke Bearup, Mr David Wilkinson, and my friends for some excellent concepts to support my study. Beside of teachers, my classmates also contributed great ideas to my study including assignment presentation and group working. We generally shared documents what we had different jobs. I think it is very important to talk to people to share experience. These led me accomplishment my master degree. On the other hand, studying this school was not enough for me; meanwhile, I also built my capacity more through buying some interesting courses of MPH program at International University.

Unfortunately, next generations of non-medical background students can not study MPH program due to The Sub-degree on Education in Health Field, passed on 13 March 2007, in Chapter 4, Article 10, and Part 2: Master’s Program on Public Health and Research says: “2.1 Master’s Program on Public Health and Research must study after bachelor in Science of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry, And also in Nurse, in Midwife and other medical fields at least 2 years with 54 credits.”

After missing to study bachelor for a year in France in 1997 to continue my bachelor from here. Even though my final score exam and oral was high, it could not compete to South-east Asia students, I was disappointed. Therefore I didn’t have any will to study abroad and I never test TOEFL and ELTS as well although my friends encouraged me to study abroad. Hence, I have decided not to go study outside of Phnom Penh, as no one takes care of my mom.

My Funny Story of Imagination to Study Abroad

However I have my real funny story in the past about imagination to study abroad which did not really like to my situation now. When I was a small boy, I started going to school with communist pupils’ uniform (Russian & Vietnam influences) including red scarf and dark blue cap in early 1980s during The People’s Republic of Kampuchea. I always imagined to study abroad; especially, in Europe and I also hoped that one day I would study there. At that time, my school had a children and youth camp quarterly and all students were invited to watch Russian documentaries and movies at Russian Cultural Center on Norodom Blvd.

(This photo of my generation at Wat Preah Put primary school in Phnom Penh. We defiled in the front of my school where locates near National Olympic Stadium during the Children's Day on June 1st, 1985.)

One day of Children’s Day, my schoolmates and I were allowed to watch a movie of The World War II between Russia and Germany at the center. The movie showed the violence against humanity including children during snow falling down and it was very cold, and people walked very hard; simultaneously, I felt frozen and I didn’t tell any friends who seated closely to me. When the movie finished, I went back home and told my mom quickly: “Mom! Mom! Mom! I didn’t want to go to study abroad any more because people walked deeply on "TEUK KORK CHHOOSE" small pieces of ices, I felt very cold and I could not afford that weather.” Mom laughed me and teased me with her colleagues.

In recently years, instead of missing of my imagination to study abroad, I have had opportunities to participate in intentional conferences or personal travel and I have extended several days to visit interesting places, relatives and friends there.

Before the Graduation Ceremony...

After registration I took a photo with my classmate Mr Kim Heang in the front of my scchool where locates next to Independence Monument in Phnom Penh.

My friend French Ms Brigitte was invited to participate in my graduation day.

Seating closely to my classmates.

We were in the range to receive our graduates.

Ha, Ha, it was my turn to get it.

Yes! Congradulation!!! that was my great photo that I received my degree from
Dr Haruhisa Handa, Chancellor, The University of Cambodia. He is Japanese man who sponsors the university.

I took a photo as a souvernir with Dr
Dr Haruhisa Handa and HE. Im Sethy, Education Minister.

My photo with the background of the ceremony day

This was my classmate graduates with the background

It was nice photo of Mr Sophal and Soprach

Ms Brigitte and Ms Mischelle offered an honor to Ms Sedtha and Soprach

My photo was outside of the school.

We can see the Independence Monument where is very nearby

Soprach and Miss Phirun who is my schoolmates at primary school. She also graduated her BA in English language.

6 stars: Soprach, Mr Montha, Ms Sedtha, Miss Savy, Mr Sophal and Mr Kim Heang

Cool of the Cool

MPH graduates was interviewed by Dr Handa TV in Japan

A crazy photo Mr Sopheara and Soprach

Mr Luke Kangaroo friend and Soprach at the dinner party of my graduation day

Miss Siti Cambodian American friend and Soprach

Miss Betsy American friend and Soprach

A couple of Mr Toddy & Ms Fleur Kiwi friends and Soprach

Bong Sekhorn Artist friend and Soprach

Ms Mischelle Le coq friend and Soprach

Bong Sekhorn singed a few Khmer songs for me at the dinner party for my graduation day.

At the end, I would like to say thank you all of my classmetes and friends who join my graduation day and thank you all photographers who attemted to take all beautiful photos. I also thank to all my classmates who attended the dinner party on Sunday, where I forgot my camera to take photos all of you.