Thursday, October 30, 2008

“Taking A Sword To Cut Water, But The Water Is Still Flowing!”

A dispute between two young sons of late CPP senator over 10 hectares of family land erupts in gunfire in Sihanouk Ville with the rest of two wounded men and a shot-up Toyota Land Cruiser was being kept, but one party has returned freely to Phnom Penh. Regarding the article on the Cambodia Daily on Dispute Over Family Land Erupts Into Gunfight” on Monday, Oct. 27, 2008, p. 29.

This conflict has been happened during the world have been warring about global food crisis and the increasing of goods price. This sibling conflict has not occurred at first time, but there are many cases of wealth heritage disputes after growing of materialism of such as land, house, car…etc. At the same time, whereas solders standing off in confrontation with Thai border are lacking of foods to eat and living with difficult situation under the sun and the rain.

Even though, this conflict was happened in the family and one party left freely, but this scene showed the weakness of social structure and of law enforcement and security instability in society by anarchic gun users. As the government has always warned if any territory governor can not address young gang sons of the rich and high ranking, the government will removed out their positions or the position of those gangster parents. Obviously, we have not yet seen any seriously actions against them. On the other hand, almost of government warnings has been believed that its effectiveness is just a few months only.

However, we still have an optimist that the government will reconsider and control well on any anarchic gun user.

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