Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Wedding Announcement, Save the Date! on Friday, 23rd April 2010 at Koh Pich"

Dear Families, Professors, Colleagues and Friends,

I am writing to you to share the most wonderful news. I have found a beautiful lady that has agreed to share my life. My fiancée Chanthy and I would like to announce our engagement, and pre-invite you to our wedding celebration. We will marry on Friday the 23rd, April 2010 (a week after Khmer New Year eves on 14-16 April 2010). The traditional ceremony will be held at the bride’s parent’s house starting on the afternoon of Thursday the 22nd, April 2010 and ending on the morning of Friday the 23rd, April 2010. The reception will be on the evening of Friday the 23rd at Koh Pich Island along Tonlebassac bank at “G” marquee (Please find its map attached) nearby Pontoon bar. The SAMBATH band will play at the wedding party.

Many of you at one point or another have asked me, who is your girlfriend and when you get married? Now, I have answered you. Below is I share with you the story of courtship.

Our love story is funny, it took only 3 weeks for the two families to decide we were a good match. When it was agreed upon, my mum followed the century old tradition of consulting a fortune teller for the auspicious date to ensure that my bride-to-be and I will have a good future together. I talked to a Khmer-Chinese fortuneteller, who proposed the best time according to Chanthy and my birth signs was to be in January 2010. Our courtship was quick, but not that fast. I proposed an alternative date like a week after the Khmer New Year on Saturday the 24th, April 2010 for an opportunity for our oversea guests to visit Cambodia during Khmer New Year and then join in our wedding as well. But the fortuneteller said that Saturday is not good day. Then I suggested Friday the 23rd, April. She searched her documents and recalculated, and then agreed as long as I let an old monk perform a water blessing at a pagoda a week before the wedding day. I said that it’s ok I can do it. Whereas my fiancée father checked his calendar with his Khmer fortune teller and agreed to that date.

The history of our love in brief:

Our love is very short story. Chanthy and I met for the first time at my Cambodian-American friend, Romdoul’s birthday party on 25 October 2009. At that time we just talked as normal new friends. A week later during the Water Festivals in 2009, my friend Romdoul played a role as match maker. She informed me her girlfriends were interested in meeting men who could be potential husbands. She invited me to join them for a dinner and all of us hung out together. That was the first time I felt interested in Chanthy. Afterward, Romdoul asked me, “Soprach of the group who do you like the most?” I told Romdoul, ‘YES I found one,’ and then she guessed that it was Chanthy. ‘Yes, it’s true.’ While, Chanthy seemed not to appear in love with me, I saw it as a culture of a Khmer girl being a bit shy to talk to man she feels love. During the dinner, Romdoul, Chanthy’s sister and her friends asked me many questions related to love and some future plans and at the time, and I answered all their questions. When I came back home I told my mom and showed her Chanthy photos. My mum had not yet said anything, but just kept smiling.

One week later, Romdoul invited me and a few friends to have lunch at Chanthy’s house and that was a chance for Chanthy’s family to ask me any question related to education, job, love, future plans...etc and I was happy to answer their questions.

Second week later more, Romdoul took brought Chanthy to visit my mum. While, my mum also asked Chanthy the same type of questions she asked me, she did not go into details because I had informed her ahead of time.

On the third week, I brought my mum to visit Chanthy’s family at her house and finally we received a consensus to wed.

At the moment, Soprach became 34 years old early this year and Chanthy is 28 years old.

Since then, Chanthy and I have spent some times learning about each other’s hearts. At the moment, we opened a small hairdresser shop for Chanthy, and her sister, Vy who has experience running a shop for several years help us.

Please (RSVP) response me back if you have time to join the celebration, I will hand you the formal printing invitation as soon as possible.

Please ask me any question and please find our photos attached.

Hope you have a chance to join and enjoy our wedding ceremony and party.

Best wishes,

Soprach & Chanthy

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