Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Aresnal New Images For The New Year 2009!"

After my Arsenal defeted Portsmouth 1-0 lastnight, I still believe and hope the Gunners will make me satisfied and at least bring a champion in 2009. I would give some comments to Asène Wenger, Arsenal Manager, to buy the strong defeders and no need to buy midfieders or strickers more. That's why, A Cambodian Arsnal fan is running up to update his Arsenal stuff including helmat, labtop and Vespa to celebrate the New Year 2009.

Meanwhile, The Cambodian Aresnal fan supports strongly the govement's policy to take measure on drivers who will not use helmet or belt for 2009.



Real fan

Davith said...

Dear Bang Soprach,

I'm Davith. I'm pretty sure you know me because we met often at Olympic Stadium and bars in Phnom Penh. My Congratulation for your research. Keep goin, it's very interesting! Otherwise, I'm also one of Cambodian Arsenal's fans! So I invite you to join the group of Arsenal's fans that I created on

Soprach Tong said...

Dear Davith,
Thank you very much for interest my 2 research findings. Of course, I know you well, Ok I will join you our fan.

All the best,