Thursday, April 17, 2008

TV Comedians have to be trained on HR

“Government Should Gather TV Comedians to Provide Training on Human Rights and Sexual Harassments”

Every weekend, local TV channel programs are showing and competing their entertainments on live such as concert, comedy, classic and modern musics, movie, football, kick boxing, tour-site guide…etc.

In those scenes, there are some offending points in the aspect against Khmer culture as well as morality that most of the acts committed by many comedians. Almost their performances are related to both verbal and physical violences and sexual harassments sometimes in order to make a joke they spoke and touched very rude and referred to both male and female sexes. When I watched their performances once I felt afraid and a shame as human-being and I think that it is not good attitude and educate nothing to young children and young people, on the other hand, it has been happened long times ago due to majority of audiences recognized that their performs are common for comedians to do so. In my observation, they have only narrow concepts about these performances and the main problem is because of these comedians don’t understand human rights and sexual harassments.
In my opinion, if government ignores their performances, young generations and some of the olds as well would learn more and may increase quickly and widespread the bad acts to practice in society such as gang fighting, domestic violence, sexual harassment in working places – karaoke club, beer garden and any bar. I think it is not too late to address this issue that the government; especially, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Culture should gather comedians to provide training on Human Rights and Sexual Harassments.

Honorary Doctorate as Academic Doctorate?

“Do Honorary Doctorate Call as Academic Doctorate Officially?”

Recently, there have been honorary doctorates were provided to high ranking and dignitary though the universities which were held during the ceremony of student graduation. These officials who received the honorary doctorates are called formally as academic doctorate during any ceremonies or on banners. The calling makes many people misunderstanding the graduated academic doctorates and the speakers fraud people.
For my understanding, the two doctorates are completely different. The academic doctorate candidates study very hard to exploratory with new hypothesis to complete their thesis at least 3-5 years after master degree; on the contrast, honorary doctorate person does nothing, they just received honorary from the university. So, government should not value and call the honorary doctorate as academic doctorate officially.

My concern on Conscription law

“Conscription Subdegree Draft Has to Be Released Publicly”

The Ministry of National Defense publicly has to released the military conscription subdegree draft before finalization in order to hear suggestions and some comments. I feel concerning on the law draft:

1) I strongly argue that the law must be volunteer because some of young people are getting involved in development of their study and working to find income to support their family.

2) I think it might be unfair between the high ranking and the rich children, and the poor children:
- Corruption might happen that the high ranking and the rich families will increase the age of their children over the age of the law such as birth certificate, family book, ID card, diploma, education documents, passport and so on to be proved. According to recently Transparency International survey said that Cambodia most corrupt Asian nation; so, these families can do easily.
- Looking back in 1980s, almost the peasant and the poor kids involved in army, A3 combating police and K5 (Kor Pram) in the battlefield. Whereas the most of the high ranking and the rich kids studied abroad or local high education, and running a good business with their parents. Based on this experience, the high ranking and the rich families might send their children to study abroad at least Vietnam or Laos to escape the obligation and when their children will age over the duty they will take them back home. Or they will be able to do fake marry to abroad and will come back when those children will get over age of the law.

3) Another worry is that the government might mainstream ideology to be pro-CPP (Cambodian's People Party) or use those military trainees to crack down democracy youths when they protest or demonstrate against the government.

Adultery Law is not urgent bill

I think it is clear that this case serves as the political motivation which the court charges the prince Ranarith early 2007. That is a berried of opposition parties that the government always makes busy and prevents them from politics by using media, court and threatening. That why the law was passed so quick by National Assembly and the government enforces as well at the moment, why it is too slow to approve the Anti-corruption law and Immigration law that Cambodian people waiting to fights poverty? Is it too difficult to discuss and pass the two laws?

Experience of China, one of overpopulated countries, was fiercely debated on selected or unselected sex children in the International Population Conference in France 2005 where they took it into account on sex ratio of Chinese population that numbers of males are very higher then females by traditional belief that men are received a heritage and men are valued. Hence, the sexuality problem have happened today between young men and old men who have not yet married that they feel aggressive each others due to big gap of sex proportion between males and females; So that, they advocate Chinese policy makers to reform that issue.

Whereas Cambodia, there is not too different from Chinese problem - the difference is just males to females - that adultery law was passed due to political motivation and jealousy. According to the Cambodia Inter-censal Population Survey 2004, sex ratio is estimated the overall sex ratio of 93.5 numbers of males per 100 females and this is based on the total number of population of 12.824 million, 6.197 million are males and 6.627 million are females. A large number of approximately half million of women would become single because of the pressure from the Khmer socio-culture about sex, limiting women's rights to sexual expression and further more the adultery law. Consequently, they would definitely miss an opportunity to get involved in sexuality a whole their life and they would upset and loose their natural sexuality rights as human being, how do they feel? Who help them? It’s so pitied to them due to the adultery law enforcement. So, in order to address this issue the national assembly and government should turn to pass the two laws and to reform her demography better then the enforcement of this unnecessary law.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Khmer New Year days in Phnom Penh

In the morning of 3rd day on April 15, 2008 of the Khmer New Year in Wat Preah Puth pagoda, there are not many people go to pagoda, but the first and second there were a lot of people. Phnom Penh looks calmly during the day time and most of Cambodian people always go to their home town in the countryside.

There are crowd people at Wat Phnom where accompanied by traditional games and music. No water pouring and neither powder painting in the town and it is a good thing that government is able to control these acts, but they can not crack down gambling and street bag snatching.

The beautiful Independent Monument at night time.

Soprach hang out with young generation Miss Rany, Rottanak, Pisseth and Kimsros who were ex-peer educators of Playing Safe Project (2003-06) where I used to work for CARE. They are young brilliant and initiative to create a new local NGO namely Population and Health for Development to provide a service of sexual and reproductive health promotion among adolescence in Phnom Penh. We still keep in touch and always fun when we meet.

We are cheering for our New Year day at Wat Bottum park in Phnom Penh.

Abstract: Impact of Premarital Sex

By Tong Soprach, Public Health College, University of Cambodia, Academic Year 2007-08


The purpose of this paper is to examine the gender disparity premarital sex drive in Cambodia in relation to the Khmer culture context of sexual behavior among young people, sexual relationships, gang rape and sexual violence amongst young people, as well as social stress amongst students at university, and interviewing expatriates for information on Western cultures. This study focuses on young people who are involved in sex before marriage, but not commercial sex workers.

This paper asks whether it is Cambodian or western cultural impacts, perceptions of masculinity, peer pressure, drug and alcohol use; in addition, gender stratification, economic pressures, or opportunity that accounts for men’s passion for sex before marriage.

The paper focuses on the premarital sexual practices and the impacts of these practices in relation to the sexual and reproductive health of youth; including STIs and HIV/AIDS, the social consequences of unwanted pregnancy, incidence of gender based violence including the previously documented phenomenon of bauk (gang rape) and the trafficking of girlfriends to brothels.

In addition, this paper presents some recommendations for the design of education and advocacy interventions for youth sexual and reproductive health including the introduction of gender and human rights issues into STIs/HIV/AIDS and other sexual reproductive health initiatives, thereby encouraging safe and responsible sex among young men, and promoting the empowerment of youth.

Remarks: This Comprehensive Research Paper was summarized to a semi-research paper with 20 pages to summit to the University of Cambodia and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in partial fulfillment of the requirements for my master degree in Public Health, February 2008, Phnom Penh.

Note: Please click on its title to find the full research papar with PDF file.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Soprach graduated MPH at UC on Feb 2008

After leaved a photocopy shop to school I met my friend Phally and he took me a few photos as a souvenier in the front of my school: University of Cambodia where located near Independent monument. Soprach gratuated a master degree in Public Health at University of Cambodia on February 2008. And I will hold the diploma officially on October 2008.

New bridge SEKONG in Steung Traing

This new bridge SEKONG was finished building and officially opening at the end of April 2008. It was supported by China with non-refund. It crosses the Sesan river to Laos border and it also very good view from Steung Traing town.

I took a photo on the Sekong bridge at sunset time in Steung Traing town. It is very easy to see the landscape and the two rivers: Mekong and Sesan.

A 70s ton US-unexploded bomb was found in O Chrolang arround 20 km from Steung Traing town to Phnom Penh.

History: Impact of the war in Vietnam, Cambodia deeply involved in Vietnam war by provided Cambodia territory and others needed for the North Vietnam to use for Viet Cong troop in order to fight the South Vietnam that was supported by US and led to US bombs in the communist base that kill many Cambodia lives. (Kimhorn, 2002: 25)

It is so sad for my country which suffers from the war many years because of foreign political involvement and all leaders have not only recognized their weakness, but also are arrogant during they take power and they accuse each other. As the result, million Cambodian people died and many survivors get handicap, traumatic and emotional, and large gap between the rich and the poor.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bi-monthly Vespa rally schedule in 2008

Vespa Rally Schedule first Sunday of every 2 months in 2008
Excluding annual event

Venue: In front of the post office
Time: Meeting at 9 am and travel until evening
Target Location: Outside of Phnom Penh
Accompanied by: a Vespa mechanic

Objective: To travel countryside and to make friends

Sunday, 4 May 2008: Phnom Baset and toward Oudon, Kampong Speu, National Road No. 5

Sunday, 6 July 2008: Ampae Phnom, Kampong Speu, National Road No. 4

Sunday, 7 September 2008: Tonle Baty and toward Phnom Tamoa, National Road No. 3

Sunday, 2 November 2008: Kean Svay and toward KaKi, National Road No. 1

Further information:


3rd Round Vespa Rally to Koh Dach on Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ingrid's Vespa was leaked gasoline container before the rally depature. The mecanic Sambath fixed it on time.
Peter sit behind Ingrid and took photos of the rally.

We were on Sothearos blvd. A young man, Sambath, in the midle is a mecanic and Vespa shop-owner near Lyhuor exchange and a old man on the left hand is a mecanic and Vespa shop-owner on Monivong blvd. Note: There are only two Vespa shops in Cambodia.

We were on Soramarith blvd.

We were on Norodom blvd.

We were on Monivong blvd.

We took a 1st ferry at Preak Leap.

1st stop in Wat Kropompich. Vespa mecanic checked Luc scooter.

We visisted at Silk production in the village.

1st stop in Wat Kropompich.

We arrived the 3rd stop at the sand of Mekong river.

We had lunch togather on the sand of the beach of Koh Dach.

We archieved our goal to Koh Dach.

Briefing 3rd Round Vespa Rally: to celebrate the International Women’s Day, Saturday March 8, 2008.

1) 10:00 am: Gathering in the front of the Post office as the previous. (7 Vespas in the town)
2) 10:30 am: Departure around the town of Phnom Penh by getting along Sisovath quay, Sihanouk Blvd, 3 rounds of Monument Independent, Norodom Blvd toward round-about Kbal Thnol, Monivong Blvd, crossing Japanese bridge, National Road No 6A, crossing 1st one of four ferries at Preak Leap to Koh Dach (Silk Island), take one round of the island, relaxed and had lunch there.
3) 2:00 pm: Return back the town though 2nd one (Ktor) of four ferries crossing from Koh Dach to Phnom Penh. (4 Vespas to Koh Dach)


- The Vespa rally should be on Sunday because there are many parties on Friday night; so that it affects the really on Saturday.
- Beside annual Vespa rally, Bi-monthly the rally should be organized to travel outside the town and to meet friends first Sunday of every 2 months.

2nd Round Vespa Rally on April 1, 2007

We passed the Royal Palace.
We were on the Soramarith street on the front of Prime Minister's House near Independent Monument.

She was confident of her driving on the Soramarith street in near Independent Monument.

We had fun with 3 rounds of Wat Phnom.

We drove 3 rounds of Wat Phnom.

This is a couple who won the 2nd round Vespa rally champion on Sunday April 1, 2007, Commune Election’s Day, in Phnom Penh.

1st Round Vespa Rally on October 29, 2006

The two Vespas showed here are very old and expansive.
We relaxed in the front of the royal palace.

We were ready starting the rally.

We always tested before departure.

1st Round Vespa Rally on Halloween’s Day, Sunday October 29, 2006 in Phnom Penh. Meeting in the front of post office.

Very interested in Phnom Penh Empire FC

My local team is Phnom Penh Empire FC, weared red uniform, who played against BBU in March 2008 at the Olympic stadium.

Everything for ARSENAL

Soprach shows his crazy support Arsenal FC with designing his scooter Vespa: "EVERYTHING FOR ARSENAL".

Soprach shows some stuff of Arsenal FC such as T.shirt, scarf, cap...etc in his room.

Soprach took a photo with a Cyprurian boy who got along with his mother in the front of arena of Emirates stadium in London on June 2006. We are Arsenal fans.

Soprach took a photo outside Emirates stadium in London in June 2006. I cann't get inside the stadium because of moving from High Bury to Emirates.

My favorate player in Arsenal FC is young brilliant Spanish man FABREGAS, mid-field player and number 4.
The Gunners team inside Emirates stadium of London for the season 2007/8.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Funny photos

Soprach and his ex-girl friend met in Koh Kong on October 2003.
A 70s party photo at my friend's house on May 2005.

A photo of Soprach and Romdoul who is my friend Cambodian-american at Gasolina at the first Friday of the month was posted in scrapbook of Asia LIFE magazine on November 2007.